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We provide high quality solutions which are engineered and tailor made in Denmark and ensures 100% recyclability of various multilayered materials.

Our Solutions

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Our Green Technology and Solutions is developed and manufactured in Denmark which ensures high quality products that lives up to present demands.

All materials and components are carefully selected from the leading suppliers in the food & beverage, process and chemical industry. 

The equipment is designed and engineered, so that high quality pumps, sensors, valves and instruments used are both robust and have a long lifespan.

Manufacturing specifications:

The manufacturing of our equipment complies with stainless steel welding standards. We ensure 100% traceability of both used materials, components and weldings and we follow DS/EN 1672-2 + A1:2009 and/or ISO 14159:2008 from EU directives and legislation.

The connection of the system can be selected in flanges, clamps or union joints.

Pipes and fittings are provided in accordance with EN 10357 / DIN 11850. Flange connections are made in PN10 / 16 pressure range.

All weldings are pickled, brushed and cleaned. Complete welding log on process welds is included and all welding personnel have approved and valid welder's certificates.

Material specifications:
All product affected material is made of stainless steel EN 1.4404 / AISI 316.

All non-product material is made of stainless steel EN 1.4301 / AISI 304.
Packing material is made of EPDM (general) and Viton for high temperature / steam connections.


Automation specifications:

We use hardware and software automation with Siemens PLC together with 12 "touch screen (HMI). All motors are controlled by separate frequency converters.

Transport specifications:

The systems are designed on frames and can therefore be transported in 20 "and / or 40" containers and are easy to re-install in other locations.

Installation & Commissioning specifications:

The processing units are on-site assembled as Plug & Play units and will be installed by our service team.

After installation our service team will handle commissioning and training of your operators.