Want to test it before buying it? We at DRTS can provide you with our testing facilities within our own facilities so we together can find the correct solutions for your whises for separation. 

Our Approach

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Testing and proving results before starting


Before offering recycling technology and equipment, we conduct small scale tests on your product in order to showcase you the results before investing in full scale equipment.

Understanding your business


We dig into your business in order to optimize our equipment with your existing facilities. For example, if you have a sur plus of water or heat, we can utilize this with our equipment and thereby make sure no unnecessary energy is wasted, but used properly.

The correct solution for your needs


We engineer and design the equipment from our standards dedicated to meet your needs. Our fully automatic solutions are robust and ensure maximal running time and low energy consumption.

All services included


When purchasing processing units for recycling with us, we ensure that all services are included: we will handle logistics of equipment, installation, testing at your facilities and we will take care of training of your personnel.

The waste from our process it not wasted


It is no secret that we use chemicals in our processes. However, it will not create any inconveniences for you. It is included in our service agreement that we provide both new chemicals and disposal of the used ones. In fact, we will not dispose of it ourselves, as we actually have agreement with water cleaning facilities which can use it for cleaning waste water in a 100% green way. So, we can proudly state - "Nothing goes to waste with our technology".